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RS Stylin Tarvr Heir 2012 Blue Roan Stallion (Registered Blue Roan) Homozygous Black EEAtaRNrn Double Registered AQHA & FQHA (97%) 5-Panel N/N
RS Stylin Tarvr Heir aka  “Tarvr” Tarvr is a linebred Blue Valentine/Joe Hancock AQHA stallion with a powerful build, solid bone and excellent feet. True to his bloodlines, he has classic Blue Valentine conformation and picks up on training like he was born doing it. His calm, laid back manner makes life easy and he is a gentleman with the mares and safe with the foals. Tarvr is 15 hh+ and homozygous for Black which negates any visible sign of  the brown agouti (At). He will always produce Black-based foals, with a 50-50 chance of passing the Roan. He has an IBC of over 9% and we were very excited to see his exceptional attributes passed on to his first foals in 2016. (See 2016 Foals)
33.98% Blue Valentine 28.13% Mr Roan Hancock 25% Rowdy Blue Man 19.34% Joe Hancock 17.09% Red Man
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54 crosses to Peter McCue 29 crosses to Joe Hancock 17 crosses to Little Joe A total of 86 crosses to 3 AQHA Hall of Fame horses
Photo: Andrea Webb