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HOME PAGE Gallery Cool Dude on parade, year ?? Stallions Troy & Tarvr... best buds Gold Champagne and two shades of Grulla (Grullo) (2013) Gold Cream Champagne, a furball in winter! Dasha meets Gary for the first time Beautiful Blue Roan mare at 3 yrs old (2014) Good eye! Four little grullas sitting in a row... Geese on guard... Furry grullas, winter days (2014)
Prairie Silver Quarter Horses... memory lane, wonderful horses that we have owned
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2 yr old Blue meets 2 yr old Anjali (2013) Blue is a Seal Brown Roan quarter horse (2 yrs old, 2013) Cloud Nine, palomino pony at 4-H Dexter, 3 yr old Chilcotin grade gelding Cool Dude, running quarter horse Gallery By-Tye, Egyptian Arab, Canada Day Parade River Run Competitive Trail, 3rd place Holly is a favourite with our grand daughter (2013) Beautiful Blue Roan mare Dreamin is filling out nicely at 3 years old (2015)  Photo by Andrea Webb River is a stunning young mare at 3 yrs old (2015)  Photo by Andrea Webb Ozzie is a Gold Cream Champagne, eeAaCRcrCHch, spring 2016 Ozzie, our cream champagne stallion at pasture (2015). Photo by Andrea Webb