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“Indigo” Indigo is a King bred ‘true’ Blue Roan mare, homozygous Black (EEaaRNrn) with a salt n’ pepper mane. Shown here in her darker spring coat,  Indigo turns very ‘blue’ as the summer progresses. She is a calm, friendly girl standing 15.1 hh and has matured into a very nicely balanced mare with strong, straight legs, good feet and a beautiful topline, Indigo is an excellent match with our Blue Roan stallion, RS Stylin Tarvr Heir, producing a very pretty Blue Roan filly in 2016 with an exceptionally sweet and friendly personality (See 2016 Foals). She will be bred to Tarvr again for a 2018 foal. This foal will be 92.95% Foundation bred and 17.77% Blue Valentine; 17.19% Mr Roan Hancock; 12.35% Rowdy Blue Man; and 10.25% Joe Hancock.
14.06% King Lowell 12.79% King 28 crosses to Little Joe 22 crosses to King 23 crosses to Zantanon 15 crosses to Joe Reed 10 crosses to Joe Reed II A total of 128 crosses to 15 AQHA Hall of Fame horses
Miss Indigo  Quincy 2012 Blue Roan Mare (Registered Blue Roan) Homozygous Black EEaaRNrn Double Registered AQHA & FQHA (88.9%) 5 Panel N/N